Trivia answers

Published 4:00am Thursday, May 20, 2010

- T.R. Miller has scored in 293 consecutive games without being shutout. When was the last time T.R. Miller failed to score in a game and which team shut them out?

In 1987, T.R. Miller was shutout by Lanett 10-0 in the second round of the playoffs.

- Who is W.S. Neal’s longest running rival?

T.R. Miller. The two teams have played 67 times with W.S. Neal winning 20 and T.R. Miller winning 47.

- Who is T.R. Miller’s longest running rival?

Escambia County. The two teams have played 76 times with T.R. Miller winning 37 and losing 35. The series has seen four ties.

- T.R. Miller has had only one losing decade. What decade was it and what was their record in this decade?

The only losing decade for T.R. Miller was from 1960-1969 when they went 45-49-7

- W.S. Neal has won one game since 2000 when scoring 10 points or less. Name the year, game, and score.

In 2005, W.S. Neal defeated Trinity 7-6.

- W.S. Neal has had one coach that has coached only one season. Name the coach and the only season he coached.

Ronnie Cottrell was at W.S. Neal for only one season in 1988.

- Last question, what season was T.R. Miller never ranked?

T.R. Miller was never ranked in 2007.

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