Former DA staffer arrested

Published 5:13pm Thursday, September 1, 2011

A former staff member of the Escambia County District Attorney’s office was arrested this week on a six-count indictment handed down by the Escambia County Grand Jury during a recent session of the group.
Monica Lynn Watson faces a variety of charges from theft of property and using her position for personal gain.
Following evidence presented during a hearing of the Grand Jury, Watson was charged with one count of first-degree theft of property; one count of first-degree theft of property by deception; one count of use of official position for personal gain and three counts of second-degree forgery.
The theft of property charge was handed down when evidence accusing Watson of knowingly obtaining or exerting unauthorized control over checks or negotiable instruments and/or lawful currency having a value in excess of $2,500 with the intent to deprive the owner of said property was presented. The theft by deception charge stemmed from the same accusations accusing the suspect of obtaining the property by deception.
On charges of using her official position for personal gain, the Grand Jury heard evidence that Watson was a public official in the Worthless Check Unit as coordinator for the Escambia County District Attorney’s office and used or caused to be used her official position to obtain personal gain of checks or negotiable instruments, and/or lawful currency for herself, a family member of the public official or public employee, or a business with which the public official or employee is associated.
Watson is also accused of forgery in connection with three motion to dismiss documents on which she is accused of falsely making, completing or altering documents represented as public record.
Watson was taken into custody voluntarily Wednesday and was booked on the charges against her at the Escambia County Detention Center. She was released on a $100,000 bond following the arrest.

  • Maria05

    The police waste their time flying up and down sowell rd, harrassing any and everybody for no reason..but the real crooks are in that big white building called the “COURT HOUSE”…they should be investigating all the crooks and save the city some gas money…especially the head crook of BPD & the other crook in EBPD!!!!! where is her mug shot????

  • truthseeker1

    This arrest stems from incidents that ALLEGEDLY occurred over 2 years ago when the staffer was terminated, why is it now being pursued for prosecution? And why is it now news? If one person in the DA’s Office was able to do these things, it dosen’t speak well for the checks and balances or controls over the money going into the DA’s office. If that is the case, what problems are there related to the control of evidence used to prosecute our friends, neighbors and family members in order to put them in jail?

    By the way, this is very wide spread among many law enforcement agencies throughout the country, but particularly in the south. It seems we would rather believe the allegations against our neighbors because it’s “exciting”, but what we should be doing is questioning the validity of the charges. After all, any one of us could be accused of anything at anytime.

  • tellthewholetruth

    Well and audit is an audit and when done by professionals we would all assume it is correct, truthseeker1. Allegedly is a strong word to use when the newspaper stated she paid over $10,000, unless the Brewton Standard information is not credible. So why would she pay if there is no truth in the claim? An innocent person would not pay a dime and prove their innocence in court. I don’t know why people can’t work around money… Truthseeker1 look at the facts and make a logical statement not a personal one because that is what the state is going to do. I’m applaud that you talked all around the subject by mentioning what goes on in the south. The south has nothing to do with the deception and fraud that she has committed. Moreover, grand jury has the option when enough evidence is present to bring charges against you whenever, she knows how the system works. So truthseeker1 you were seeking the truth and I gave it to you.(:

  • truthseeker1

    Don’t be so naive that you think innocent people aren’t accused and make aggreements in order to get on with their lives everyday. The system favors the accusor, “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” is a myth. The Grand Jury only hears the accusor’s side of the story, not the accused. The prosecutor’s office has to basically request the Grand Jury to “no bill” for them not to indict.

    If a repayment agreement was reached two years ago, then why is the taxpayer’s money being wasted to pursue the prosecution of a person that has given many years of good service to this community. This person has paid personnally and financially. Why try and demean and disgrace her further? What value does that bring? What lesson is there to be taught that hasn’t already been learned over the past two years?

    And where was the “State” and the auditors and the internal controls that should have been in place to prevent this from happening? The “State” can’t even keep its own house in order, but will run this person in ground over an issue that has been settled.

    I hope you remember your judgement of this person when you receive your judgement. Enough is enough.

    And also don’t be so naive to think that black people don’t get treated differently in the south, if this had been one of the white ladies that work in that office all of this would have been handled quickly and quietly and with more dignity.

  • tellthewholetruth

    Truthseeker1 I’m not naïve, and I think your thoughts or illogical or maybe just plain senseless. The south does not have a grip on coloreds as they did forty-years ago, come on be realistic. Because if the race card was and issue she/you would have not been working alongside the whites handling revenues. It’s funny when our kind get in trouble the first thing they bellow… “because I’m black”. It’s hard to believe your claim because she walked right beside them in court for years and I never seen any gestures that would lead me to think that she was unequal. Admit it… she ffffed up and by paying money was no legal bind between her and the Escambia County Courthouse saying that she would never be prosecuted. Again over 10,000 was paid and why would an innocent person pay such an “agreement”? Brewton Standard stated on December 31, 2008 “money orders being deposited into a personal bank account”. So how could you be so “naïve” to judge the residents (grand jury) in our county because they were presented with evidence that lead to an indictment? In addition, the DA is only doing the job they value… unlike others. All and all white or black you were caught with your hand in the Cookie Jar and no “dignity” is deserved. What were you looking for a pat on the hand?
    Community all we need is a little common sense to figure this one out!!! (:

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