Blacksher House burns

Published 9:54am Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Debris was still smoldering Wednesday morning inside the Blacksher House, which Brewton firefighters said burned overnight, leaving just a shell of the century-old structure.

The house, which had been abandoned for several years, had collected a lore over the years, with everyone from historians to ghost hunters seeking information and stories about the old farmhouse.

Fire Chief Lawrence Weaver said a cause has not yet been determined, but there was no electricity at the house.

“There was not a lot we could do to keep it from burning,” said Weaver, who said firefighters arrived shortly after 3 a.m. “The inside of the house is completely gone. The outside walls are still standing, but they look as if they could fall. We’ve had some hot spots we had to attend to, and some of our men are keeping a check on it and have closed off the site.”

Built in 1911, the house and accompanying dairy farm were named Marinia. The home was built and occupied by the Blacksher family for many years. The current owner does not live in Brewton.

  • lisa036

    I always considered this my house! We lived there 12 years ago for 4 years so it hasn’t been abandoned for 20 years! There were also people living there 10 years ago because we rode through on the way to Pensacola. But we always wanted to buy the house from the owner and he couldn’t sell it because the college has first dibs. When his mom dies they get it. I guess there no reason to wait now….

  • guitarguy

    Wow…its ashamed that house burned down. So many good memories with friends during highschool. Not sure how this lisa person can say she lived there 12 years ago…because we used to go down there almost every week just to walk around and see what people were doing down there (People used to spraypaint and do stuff to it, and me and friends would always go check it out to see what people had done to it in highschool.) But I know who the owner is and no one has lived there in over 12 years so im not sure what house lisa lived in.

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