Brewton attorney arrested

Published 3:08pm Thursday, April 5, 2012

Local attorney Sarah Elizabeth “Sally” Stoddard was taken into custody today by Brewton Police officers. The attorney, who has practiced law in Brewton since 2009, is a suspect involved in illegal drug activity, according to officers at the scene.

No other details have been released by officials.

In an October 2003 edition of The Evergreen Courant, a report of Stoddard’s arrest in that city was made. In the arrest at that time Stoddard, who practiced law in Evergreen,  was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance and was released on bond.

Subsequent reports said Stoddard’s license to practice law was suspended until the charges against her were dismissed in 2005.

For more on this story, see the Saturday edition of The Brewton Standard.

  • reddlb

    I don’t believe this for a minute!

  • kennymac172

    Hahahaha finally got her. Loving it

  • bake1488

    Who tipped off the press? They were outside waiting. Well, write away. If ANY charges are handed down then these articles could sway a jury and a mistrial could occur. I also would like to know the charges. Who is arrested on suspicion unless you reside in my county.
    I’ve never heard of not being able to speak to a, well cant say prisoner because there are no formal charges as of yet. So why can no one talk with her? Gee, something just does not seem right here.

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  • applegate

    I do so totally believe this as she has been doing it for a long time… she is also guilty of taking money from people and not performing the service they paid her for…

  • applegate

    Anyone heard anything new…? Did she spend the weekend in jail? Does she have an attorney?

  • jfn007

    I have known Sally for twenty-nine years and have never known her to even get a parking ticket.

  • applegate

    a parking ticket is a lot different from her drug abuse…. her slurred speech must have fallen on deaf ears…. I have known her for a long time too and have always been suspicious of her slurred speech, the fact that she files the same papers over and over in a case, takes money and does no work… they should also get her for theft… I hope Monte is able to make it stick. Maybe then she will get the help she needs…. her clients should file a class action suit against her for not doing the legal work she was paid to do….

  • jfn007

    Applegate, you could be correct. I have known her for 29 years, but have not seen her in ten. I hope her husband can get her some help. Actually, I do not know if she is still married.

  • jfn007

    Anything developed in this case?

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