TRM to host 3-on-3 basketball tourney Saturday, May 11

Published 8:15am Friday, April 12, 2013

The T.R. Miller High School gym will be the site of a TRM Open Run 3-on-3 basketball tournament Saturday, May 11. The tournament will begin at 8 a.m. and will cost $40 per team. A team can hold up to four players.
The tournament will see a men’s high school and open division along with a middle school and girls only division.
Sign-up sheets, player acknowledgement and release forms, and the $40 tournament fee are asked to be returned to T.R. Miller High School by Friday, May 10.
Registration will be available the day of tournament from 8 to 9 a.m. Schedules and tournament information will be provided day of tournament. Tournament play will begin immediately at 9:10 a.m. Team captains are responsible to inform their team of schedule and rules.
Tournament rules include:
• 16-minute running clock time limit per game
• Baskets are one point while baskets beyond the 3-point line are two points
• Games will be played to 15 points and there will be no make it take
• Teams must win by two and if time expires, the game will automatically become sudden death or the team ahead at the time limit will win
• Players will call their own fouls. The court monitor will settle any disagreements
• Foul shots will be taken after the seventh foul
• Free throw line shots will be one point
• The ball must be taken back behind the 3-point line on every change of possession
• Every dead ball (jump balls included) will be checked-in from the beyond the 3-point line and the ball must be passed in.
• In the case of an injury, games can be played with one, two or three players.
• Player substitutions will be permitted on any dead ball situations. After a made basket or a dead ball situation, the ball must be checked by a defense player to an offensive player where the offensive player has both feet behind the take-back line. The offensive player must pass the ball in to start the action.
• Physically or verbally threatening or abusing a court monitor is cause for immediate disqualification.
• The format of the tournament will be determined once all teams have entered. The format may even vary by division, depending on the number of teams within a division. The tournament has a two-game guarantee. Participants under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian signature.

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