Firecracker Find Clue No. 2 released

Published 10:13am Thursday, July 3, 2014

Want a chance at $250 cash? Then, the Firecracker Find, is the treasure hunt for you!

Each weekday a clue to the prize’s location will be released.

Wednesday’s clue: Over the bridge, it shows you where I am.

Today’s clue (Thursday, July 3): Up and down, all around, a good time—and me—can be found.

Before you start, here are a few rules:

• The prize – or a ziplock bag containing a certificate to claim the prize – will be hidden on public property somewhere in Brewton, East Brewton or the surrounding areas.

• There is no digging or dismantling of objects required to find the claim certificate.

• Be respectful of each other and public  property.

• If you locate the certificate, bring it to The Brewton Standard office located on St. Nicholas Avenue to claim the prize.

This promotion is done in part to the generosity of The Main Event; Title Max; Twice the Treasures and Bobby’s Guns and Ammo.

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