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Miracle girl: Brazile recovering

Miracle girl: Brazile recovering

One year. And every minute of those 365 days Terri Thomas thanks the good Lord above that she didn’t listen to doctor’s advice to let ... Read more

It’s not a hurricane, so how did ‘Leon’ get its name?

So you, too were surprised that the winter storm interrupting your life right now has a name? Yep, most of us were. The storm is ... Read more

Bingo juror: ‘It wasn’t completed’

The almost-all female jury that spent almost three months in the federal courthouse in Montgomery listening to hours of testimony and evidence in Alabama’s bingo ... Read more

Judge: Caudle’s actions disgusting, depraved

District Judge Trippy McGuire told Amy Caudle that her crime was “of much notoriety” and was a “shock to the community” Wednesday when the former ... Read more