County jobless rate up slightly

Escambia County’s unemployment rate edged up slightly in December, up to 7.1 percent from 7.0 the previous month. But it was down a full percentage ... Read more

Akridge retires from Agricultural Research Unit

One of Ken Kelley’s favorite times to see Randy Akridge at work has been during Farm Safety Day, when local school children learn about agriculture ... Read more

Black Friday sales keep stores busy

Black Friday sales keep stores busy

Brewton stores have been busy on Black Friday — and even earlier this year — as shoppers take advantage of sales  with fewer than four ... Read more

Local stores open for Black Friday — and earlier

Local store owners are hoping that shoppers will stay in town this week as Black Friday draws people to stores for more Christmas shopping. “We ... Read more

Stores to open on Thanksgiving

As more and more stores shift their Black Friday sales a day earlier, some local Brewton stores are planning Thanksgiving day sales as well. Stage ... Read more