Latest Obituaries

Obituaries for Wed., Feb. 10, 2016, edition

Rhonda Sue ‘Susie’ Browder Wells Brewton   Rhonda Sue “Susie” Browder Wells, 55, of Scott Street, Brewton,  passed away Mon., Feb. 2, 2016, at her ... Read more

Obituaries for Wed., Feb. 3, 2016, edition

Thomas Augustus ‘Tommy’ Johnston East Brewton   Thomas Augusta “Tommy” Johnston, 85, of Thompson Street, East Brewton, passed away Fri., Jan. 29, 2016, at his ... Read more

Obituaries for Wed., Jan. 27, 2016, edition

Johnny Steven Scott Brewton   Johnny Steven Scott, 62, of Escambia Avenue, Brewton, passed away Wed., Jan. 20, 2016, in a Pensacola hospice facility after ... Read more

Obituaries for Wed., Jan. 20, 2016, edition

Carolyn Madge Glass Corbin Brewton   Carolyn Madge Glass Corbin, 74, died suddenly at Providence Hospital, Jan. 15, 2016, surrounded by her children. A funeral ... Read more

Obituaries for Wed., Jan. 13, 2016, edition

Daisy Mae Boutwell Colvin Flomaton   Daisy Mae Boutwell Colvin, 65, of Van Hoosen Road Flomaton, passed away Wed.,  Jan. 7, 2016, in a Jay, ... Read more