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Cracking down then too

During the early days of February in 2001, the 21st Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force was working really hard and it was paying off. A ... Read more

Is that a monkey?

In 1996, 20 years ago, former Escambia County commissioner Julian Henley died in a house fire in Wing. He got out of the house, but ... Read more

Coach Riggs was making news way back then, too

Looking back in the old issues of The Brewton Standard are always entertaining. In 1986, 30 years ago, Brad Byrne announced plans to seek the ... Read more

Time marches on

By Lydia Grimes feature reporter   Thirty-five years ago in 1981 the new year had gotten off to a good start with two sets of ... Read more

Explore volunteering opportunities in 2016

By: Alisa Haddox, Administrator at Homestead Hospice Happy New Year everyone! Now that a new year is upon us and many are thinking what is something ... Read more

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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Band concert was great

Can you recall the last truly remarkable experience in your life?  We’ve grown so accustomed to using the term “awesome” for ordinary things and for ... Read more

Animal shelter needs support

On Thurs., March 26, when I voiced concern to the Brewton Chamber of Commerce concerning the petting zoo, I was told to call the Humane ... Read more

We’re not for same sex marriage

Many of readers will have seen that the Presbyterians have been in the news a good bit lately. Many news outlets have been reporting that ... Read more

Covenant says ‘thanks’ to volunteers

A special “thank you” to all the volunteers who helped bake wonderful cakes and pies and helped at our annual Covenant Hospice bake sale that ... Read more

City judged on its ‘beautiful blooms’

Congratulations to Brewton on your very first entry in the America in Bloom (AIB) competition! America in Bloom’s goal is to assist communities in becoming ... Read more