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Murder, Mercury and more

Twenty years is a long time, but it doesn’t seem so long for some of us. In 1996, I was already writing a column for ... Read more

Teaching goes beyond standardized tests

There are many Spring traditions that have become part of the cultural fabric of our schools. Spring trips, music performances, graduation, scholarship ceremonies, baccalaureates, and ... Read more

Bombs, art and more

In 1986 the headline on the front page of The Brewton Standard was all about the preemptive strike bombing of Libya. People on the street ... Read more

Spring has sprung

In the early part of April in 1981, the Brewton City Council voted to prohibit traffic on Maple Avenue as there were no homes built ... Read more

Thursday is World Health Day

by Emmie Jernigan Thursday is World Health Day. Every year the World Health Organization chooses an area of global health concern as the theme for ... Read more