Remembering a life-changing event

I’ll admit that I sometimes forget where I put my keys or whether or not I turned off the coffee pot, but I can assure ... Read more

The baby becomes a boy

I told everyone I was going to be just fine; I wasn’t going to cry. But as we walked into the Brewton Elementary kindergarten building ... Read more

Zimmerman verdict highlights differences

The morning after the George Zimmerman verdict, I listened in church to our gospel reading, the familiar story of the Good Samaritan. It was the ... Read more | 1 comment

VA clinic now open in Monroeville

Area veterans now have options when it comes to healthcare, thanks to the opening of an outpatient clinic in Monroeville. U.S. Representative Jo Bonner, R-Alabama, ... Read more

Alabama rated ‘conservative’

A recent survey rated Alabama as the most conservative state in the Union. More than half of our residents describe themselves as politically conservative. The poll was ... Read more