Disappointed without a ‘burp’

When’s the last time you went to a Tupperware party? When’s the last time you even thought about Tupperware? The answer to both for me ... Read more

Senior citizenship has arrived

It’s happened. I’ve reached senior citizen status totally and completely. I knew it was coming and not because I celebrated a birthday that put me ... Read more

Heroes are found at home

My father had his photo taken a few years back at his alma mater, with an arm around the statue of Joe Paterno on Penn ... Read more

I could be an Olympian

I know I wasn’t alone Friday evening when I rushed through my shopping to be sure I got home in time to watch the opening ... Read more

Decking out the mini-van

A two-hour ride along Alabama interstate highways can certainly be an entertaining event — especially if you pay attention to the “upgrades” on vehicles along ... Read more