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There’s still work to do in neurological science

Imagine lying in bed, listening as a mosquito flies into the room. You can see the mosquito and hear it as it buzzes near your ... Read more

It’s time to begin the conversation

By: Emmie Jernigan Making life and death decisions for your loved one is extremely difficult. When we are faced with this decision we are often ... Read more

A bright future depends on us

By this time next year we’ll have a new President leading the country. As I hear some of the debates and do my best to ... Read more

Simpson trial still captures attention

American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson is a new show that made its premiere last week on FX. It’s a show that has ... Read more

Explore volunteering opportunities in 2016

By: Alisa Haddox, Administrator at Homestead Hospice Happy New Year everyone! Now that a new year is upon us and many are thinking what is something ... Read more