Lisa Tindell

Decking out the mini-van

A two-hour ride along Alabama interstate highways can certainly be an entertaining event — especially if you pay attention to the “upgrades” on vehicles along ... Read more

Time to be a villager for a child

I’ve seen a lot of things in my years of news reporting, but I don’t recall ever having felt the way I did last Thursday ... Read more

Missing the dance

This Friday night, families throughout the area will have an opportunity to join under the stars and take in a good movie — all in ... Read more

City lights up season

This past weekend, a group of residents along Evergreen Avenue lit up their street with what looked like thousands of luminaries. After I left the ... Read more

Thank a veteran this Friday

Friday is a holiday for most people — schools are out, government offices will be closed — and all for a good reason. As Nov. ... Read more