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Drinking still issue for teens

By Steve Flowers In recent years, there has been significant emphasis on warning people about the dangers of texting and driving and rightfully so. The ... Read more

Boring 2014 ahead?

Believe it or not the 2014 state elections are only eight months away. This gubernatorial year, which usually portends a plethora of interesting and exciting ... Read more

Alabama rated ‘conservative’

A recent survey rated Alabama as the most conservative state¬†in the Union. More than half of our residents describe themselves as¬†politically conservative. The poll was ... Read more

Mayoral races held interest

During the 2012 presidential year we enjoyed observing the presidential race nationwide as well as judicial races statewide. However, probably the most important races to ... Read more

Legislature keeps its promise

As promised, the legislature revisited their much publicized Immigration Law during the just completed Regular Session. They said they were going to revise the original ... Read more