Steve Flowers

All action in GOP primary

The 2012 elections are one year away. The presidential contest will be the marquee event. We will not have many state offices up for grabs. ... Read more

Legislature on ‘conservative’ mission

The prodigious 2011 regular legislative session not only saw sweeping conservative fiscal changes to state government, the new Republican led legislative bodies also set out ... Read more

Budgets abound in Alabama

Alabama’s new fiscal year begins Oct. 1. Unlike most states we have two operating budgets. We, of course, have a general fund budget, but we ... Read more

State has seen changes

The political picture of Alabama 50 years ago was quite different from the one you see today. In 1961 we were on the cusp of ... Read more

State rarely factor in top race

The month of June in Alabama has seen the culmination of one of the most productive legislative sessions in state history, the beginning of a ... Read more