Put down the bottle

I’ve taken to drinking. Not the hard core stuff, mind you. I’m not that kind of drinker. I don’t have the stomach or the fortitude ... Read more

Support vital for our success

Community support. That’s the reason that Georgia-Pacific officials gave as one of the biggest reasons corporate officials agreed to invest an estimated $400 million in ... Read more

Technology connects us

The Whipple family has joined the late 20th century. Not all of us are on Facebook. Not all of us check e-mail every day. But ... Read more

Seay’s gallantry saved lives

William Wayne Seay was just 19 in August 1968, a year into his U.S. Army service. The sergeant’s convoy came under enemy fire near Ap ... Read more

Drinking still issue for teens

By Steve Flowers In recent years, there has been significant emphasis on warning people about the dangers of texting and driving and rightfully so. The ... Read more

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Opinion Columnists

Letters to the Editor

We’re not for same sex marriage

Many of readers will have seen that the Presbyterians have been in the news a good bit lately. Many news outlets have been reporting that ... Read more

Covenant says ‘thanks’ to volunteers

A special “thank you” to all the volunteers who helped bake wonderful cakes and pies and helped at our annual Covenant Hospice bake sale that ... Read more

City judged on its ‘beautiful blooms’

Congratulations to Brewton on your very first entry in the America in Bloom (AIB) competition! America in Bloom’s goal is to assist communities in becoming ... Read more

Mom thanks ‘Project Eagle’

I would like to take this time to thank the coordinators on behalf of all the parents who have their children in the Project Eagle ... Read more

Putt-Putt coming to Brewton?

How many times have you heard from your child, your teenager or just overall as a family that there is never anything to do here ... Read more | 1 comment