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Published 12:15 am Wednesday, September 25, 2002

By Staff
Riverview should pass ordinance
Some things are simply too important to bicker over. One of those things is the growth and prosperity of our communities. What we are seeing between the City of Brewton and the Town of Riverview is not moving these two communities forward, only holding them back.
An airport is more than a runway where planes land. It is a key to industrial recruitment and a takeoff point for economic growth. Local officials should be working together to improve the airport, not building barriers.
Riverview's stance of not passing a height ordinance within five miles of the Brewton Airport is not the right decision. The growth of the airport will have a direct impact on the growth of eastern Escambia County. This fact can be supported by thousands of communities that receive new industry and business based largely on their accessibility through an airport.
Perhaps, Riverview has a legitimate complaint about not being contacted by Brewton officials in regard to the ordinance sooner. But, the Riverview mayor and council have made their point and now it is time to move ahead and put the matter to rest.
In our view, if a height ordinance is needed to acquire grants in which to improve our airport, then all communities should come together as partners, working as a group to promote our area and encourage growth.

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