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Published 6:11 am Wednesday, December 18, 2002

By Staff
Brewton descendants in Escambia
By LYDIA GRIMES - Features Writer
I will continue with the Brewton family this week by telling you something about the families who had descendants in Escambia County.
Nathan Jackson Brewton (1762 in Dobbs Co., N.C.-25 Nov. 1855 in Tattnall Co., Ga.) married Nancy Thompson Fontaine (1777-4 July 1864) the daughter of Francis Fontaine III and Jemima Johnson. They were the parents of Fontaine Brewton (10 Jan. 1795-1807), Elmira Jemima Brewton (9 Dec. 1795-1876) married first, John Hendricks and second, Preston Wise, Benjamin Brewton (22 Aug. 1796-1875) married 16 Feb. 1826 to Charlotte Matilda Bacon (25 May 1808-24 Feb. 1870), Emanuel Brewton (3 May 1801) married to Caroline Ellizabeth Bacon, Nathan Jackson Brewton, Jr. (26 Feb. 1803-1863) married to Nancy Miller, Nancy Brewton (5 May 1805-7 Dec. 1890) married Martin T. Miller, Elizabeth Brewton (29 Apr. 1807-abt. 1845) married first, Eliaz D. Daniel and second, John Sikes, Samuel Brewton (16 June 1809-2 Jan. 1887) married Mary Ann Smith, Mary Brewton (11 June 1811), Martha Brewton (16 July 1813-25 Jan. 1890) married Uriah Allen Rogers, Clarissa Brewton (27 Dec. 1815-29 June 1904) married Simon Peter Smith and Simon Johnson Brewton (25 Sept. 1819-20 Nov. 1865) married first, Matilda Underwood Tippins and second, Parthenia Ann Tippins. These Tippins girls were sisters and the daughters of William Wayne Tippins and Mary Elizabeth Eason. Of these children, Emanuel came to south Alabama.
Emanuel Brewton and Caroline Elizabeth Bacon were the parents of Harriet Brewton who married Gideon Mayo, Annie Caroline Brewton who married James William Coleman, Edmond Troupe Brewton (12 Mar. 1828) married first Martha Coleman and second, Bama Robertson, William J. Brewton (22 Mar. 1830-3 Dec. 1906) married Sarah Emily Weaver, Eliza Jane Brewton (19 Apr. 1834-10 Oct. 1864) married Clark Edmond Weaver and Emanuel Brewton married Eliza Dixon.
Now let's go back to the brother of Nathan Jackson Brewton, Joseph Washington Brewton (1768-1858) who married Elizabeth Pringle, the daughter of William Pringle Sr. and Mary McCoy. They were the parents of Elizabeth McCabe Brewton (20 Jan. 1813-1876) married William Godwin II (1807-5 May 1897), the son of William M. Godwin and Periby, Joseph Brewton (1819) married Charlotte Holland, Abraham C. Brewton (10 Apr. 1827-22 June 1909) married Zilpha Godwin, Didama Brewton married William Emmons, Barbara Brewton (1830) married George W. Downing, Parker Pringle Brewton (1836) married John R. Downing, Benjamin Brewton III married Sabra Godwin, Alexander Brewton and Diana Brewton.
Elizabeth McCabe Brewton (1813-1876) and William M. Godwin II (1807-5 May 1897) were the parents of 14 children, Elisha E. Godwin (1829) married first Amanda Coleman and second, Nora Lee, Sabra Larisa Godwin married Cornelius Coleman, Joseph Godwin (8 Jan. 1833-4 Sept. 1864) married Harriet A. Stanton, Jonathan Godwin (1834), Nathan Godwin (1835), William Godwin III (1 Dec. 1838-15 Nov. 1916), Isabelle Godwin (1840), Thomas Godwin (1841) married Lula Newberry, Lucinda Godwin (1845), Jacob Alexander Godwin (1846-1905) married Clarissy Hall, Sarah Godwin (1848), Mary Godwin (1850), Nancy Godwin (1853) and Catherine Godwin (1855).
Next week I will try to wrap up the Brewton family and get into another family in the area.
Happy Hunting!

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