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Published 6:54 am Wednesday, January 8, 2003

By Staff
School forum great time to get involved
Many of us are already aware of the current situation with public school funding. Proration and decreases in oil and gas taxes has hit schools across the area. The toll is beginning to show in the Escambia County School System where any additional cuts are sure to be significant ones that will be felt throughout all the schools.
Due to the current funding crisis, the board will open their doors to local residents with hopes that a resolution can be reached. While those in attendance are likely to hear the idea for a one-cent education tax, the members of the board are just as interested in other ideas to help save teachers their jobs and maintain student stability.
Most people are quick to say that they want to help our schools. Some of these people actually do. This public forum offers a great opportunity for everyone to take a part in education. Whether you have a child in kindergarten or no children at all, how our students are educated is the business of the entire community. Schools serve as a backbone for all sectors of public life from industry and business recruitment to an increased quality of life for all residents.
In our view, the forum, planned for Monday, Jan. 14, 6 p.m., at the Brewton Central Office of the Escambia County Board of Education, is the perfect opportunity for everyone to get involved and help the education system. By coming together as a community we will increase the chances of our students maintaining their current school system with minimal changes. Let's demonstrate to students that we do care about their education and futures by attending this important meeting.

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