Our View

Published 10:29 pm Wednesday, June 18, 2003

By Staff
Volunteers deserve respect of community
Anybody who has had an opportunity to watch as firefighters and other public servants do their jobs have to have a since of admiration. These men and women often are called upon to put their own safety on the line for the sake of others. What is even more admirable is that many of them are not even paid.
Beginning in April, the Brewton Fire Department has hosted a series of classes that will help volunteers learn more about fires and how to fight them. In all, these volunteers will put in 160 hours of training to help prepare them for emergency situations. Again, these volunteers are not paid for the time they spend at these classes.
In our view, these volunteers are true examples of community heroes. Even if they are fortunate enough to never have to utilize some of the things they have learned, they have taken the time to prepare themselves just in case. BFD Chief Lawrence Weaver said these volunteers have committed themselves to protecting Brewton and surrounding communities and we join him in offering our sincere appreciation for the services they provide to our area.