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Published 3:29 am Wednesday, December 31, 2003

By By LYDIA GRIMES Feature Reporter
Last week I told you about the family of Samuel Grace, son of James Grace and Nancy Jane Betts. Other children were Joshua Betts Grace; Elizabeth Grace who married Jonathan Wright; Agrippa A. Grace (abt. 1818) who married Elizabeth Davison; Martha Grace who married William Stuckey; Thomas Grace, who moved to Louisiana; Caroline Grace who married Henry Mims; Solomon Grace who married Mary Cobb, Laura Grace who married Joshua Callaway, Christopher Columbus Grace and Amanda M. Grace who married George R. Hixon.
Joshua Betts Grace (9 May 1802-12 July 1875) died in Wilcox County and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery He was married three times; first to M. Terriasa Lewis (31 Dec. 1806-18 March 1831), with whom he had three children; a son and a daughter who died in infancy and James L. Grace. He married second Susan King (3 June 1809-16 Oct. 1871) and had John T. Grace and five other children who died in infancy. He married third Marina A.V. Boutwell in 1873 and they had no children.
The Grace family in Henry County, Ala. descend from Joshua Grace while those in Escambia descend from the line of Samuel. In looking at my records and at last week's column it would appear that there are those who believe that Carolyn Grace, who I said last week was a sister to Samuel, was in fact his daughter. That would make this line James Grace to Samuel Grace.
According to other records that I have obtained from the internet and through material borrowed from Rodric Lynn, the children of Samuel and Hetty Sawyer were Epsie Ann Grace (1828) who married Thompson Hamilton Coker; Beatrice Grace (11 April 1835) who married Andrew Jackson Salter; James H. Grace (26 Sept. 1836-Feb. 1862) who married Eliza A. Salter; Mary Jane Grace (3 Feb. 1839-13 April 1903) who married James William Salter; Elizabeth Grace (1842) who married Dominique Russo; Samuel Grace Jr. and Carolyn Grace who married Thomas Mims. Now last week I listed Carolyn as a sister to Samuel from other records. So apparently there is much confusion about this. If anyone can tell me the right descendancy, I would appreciate it.
It would seem that Carolyn Grace married Thomas Mims and they had a daughter, Sara Mims who married Jim Piggotte and their daughter was born 14 Sept. 1856 and died in 1947. This makes it look as if Carolyn Grace would have been Samuel's sister and not his daughter, or the ages would not work out.
As confusing as it seems, the children of Jim Piggotte and Sara Mims were Nancy Carolyn Piggotte who married Matthew Wilson; Hettie Piggotte who married a Pinkerton; Helen Piggotte who married a Dean; James Piggotte; Edna Piggotte; Minnie Piggotte who married a Benson; Thomas Piggotte; Georgiaella Piggotte who married a Colvin; Mary Elizabeth Piggotte who married a Hendrix and Mandy Piggotte who married a Wiggins.
It is all very complicated. I wish I had a better handle on just who belongs to who. That is the way genealogy is though. That is one of the reasons to work on family trees: to get things straight.
I will get into another family next week. I encourage you to send your family trees to me and let me print them here. You never know just what information everyone else has.
Happy Hunting.

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