Council of the Arts gives gift to community

Published 5:54 am Monday, January 26, 2004

By Staff
Who would expect to find Broadway in Brewton?
Thanks to the work of the Brewton Council of the Arts, we have access to nationally-known, award-winning entertainment like Tuesday night's performance of "Titanic, The Musical" and a performance of "Ain't Misbehavin" in March.
The Council of the Arts brings shows like this to Brewton, enriching our exposure to the arts and making live performances affordable and convenient for almost anyone in the community.
Not to be forgotten are the opportunities to see live drama on stage that the Council offers to the children of Brewton. In November, the area's elementary school children were bused to Jefferson Davis Community College for a performance of "Nightingale," and they will be treated to "Snow White" in March.
As adults we can't calculate the impression those experiences make on a small child. At the least, they are entertained, and at most, they are infected with what will become a life-long appreciation for the arts.
The same can be said for all of us who take advantage of events brought to Brewton by the Council of the Arts -- we will enjoy ourselves for one night, and we may even be given a heightened appreciation for all things artistic that will last us long past that night.
Our thanks are deserved by the Brewton Council of the Arts for that gift.

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