Marriages in Escambia Co.

Published 7:37 pm Wednesday, July 7, 2004

By Staff
I thought it might be interesting to let you know some of the interesting facts about the Escambia County probate office and what it contains to help you research your ancestry. I think I have told you some of the things available there and the drawbacks that you will face, such as so many records that were lost due to a couple of fires.
One of the first places that one looks is the marriage record book and they do have those back to 1879, at least some of them. This is a primary record that you want to have when you are establishing your family tree.
The first book of marriage records is Volume A, followed of course by Volume B. I am going to begin with some names and maybe you will find someone you know.
Riley Adams to Annie J. Brown, 30 Oct. 1887.
V.H. Adams to M.I. Rushing, 29 Jan. 1885.
Warren Adams to Georgiana Franklin, 20 Feb. 1882.
D.J. D. Adkisson to F.A. Dixon, 12 June 1881.
F.R. Agerton to J.R. Miles, 8 Jan. 1880.
W.M. Agerton to J.A. Willis, 8 Jan. 1880.
A.H. Aken to H.J. Crowell, 18 June 1880.
Leonard Albritton to Martha Lewis, 2 Nov. 1882.
Robert Alford to Lula P. Griffin, 7 Nov. 1880.
Tillman Alford to Mary Crook, 24 Dec. 1884
E.A. Allen to Emline Browder, 5 Sept. 1886
James A. Allen to Laura Taylor, 27 Sept. 1885.
Joseph Allen to Deliah Alice Burch, 3 Oct. 1888.
Thomas Allen to Ruthy Cain, 7 Jan. 1888.
W.H. Allen to Josephine Davis, 7 Feb. 1889.
James Amerson to Mollie Bowman, 13 Jan. 1892.
S.M. Amstead to Jane Leach, 18 Sept. 1881.
W.H. Anderson to L.E. Donaldson, 14 Feb. 1886.
F.P. Arechlans to L.L. Downing (no date).
John Argullas to Apphonsin Roux, 8 July 1890.
George F. Arnold to Edith A. Barnett, 30 Dec. 1886.
A.H. Ashton to Annie C. Shad, 8 Nov. 1888.
Travis W. Atanton to Harriet A. Godwin, 26 Oct 1882.
D. Carson Avent to Celeste Park (no date).
R.V. Avent to Minnie L. Brewton, 28 Nov. 1889.
Alonzo A. Baggett to Minnie Lee Wharton, 15 June 1887.
C.T. Baggett to M.H. Bedgood, 22 June 1884.
S.B. Baggett to Fanny Simmons, 18 Aug. 1887.
S.S. Baggett to Matilda Noles, 1 April 1886.
Willam A. Baggett to Elizabeth Smith, 30 Sept. 1879.
J.F. Bagley to Mattie Mancil, 7 Sept. 1882.
J.C. Baines to M.E. Roberts, 13 Nov. 1885.
John J. Baker to Delany Wilson, 24 Jan. 1892.
James Barber to Mary Taylor, 5 Jan. 1891.
J. H. Barker to Lucinder M. Jackson, 17 Feb. 1880.
W.S. Barker to Florence V. Kelley, 18 Feb. 1880.
Robert Barlow to Frances Quotes, 4 June 1890.
F.J. Barnes to Nettie Dixon, 3 Nov. 1888.
George Barnes to Clarissa Black, 6 July 1887.
John Barnes to Minnie Gibbs, 30 Oct. 1889.
Preston Barrow to Catherine Simmons, 25 Feb. 1892.
John Baxston to M.F. Cobb, 3 May 1885.
J.P. Beal to N.E. Brown, 2 Aug. 1885.
John E. Beal to Laura Hammac, 19 June 1889.
Charles Beasley to Didmerry Emmons, 27 Oct. 1887.
Louis G. Beaty to Mattie Ashley, 8 Feb. 1891.
John W. Beck to Mary Hall, 13 Aug. 1882.
John L. Bedford to C.A. Barrow, 19 Aug. 1880.
John L. Bedgood to McCamack, 6 Sept. 1880.
E.C. Bellingrath to M.K. Boykin, 3 Dec. 1890.
Charles Berglum to Annie Shekel, 17 March 1892.
J.H. Berry to Laura J. Spoon, 12 Sept. 1890.
Isaac Bishop to Mrs. Margaret Taylor, 6 April 1883.
This is as far as I will go this week. I can't put them all in but thought this would be an example of the marriage records.