Back to school, back to almost normal

Published 2:13 am Monday, September 27, 2004

By Staff
Though some of them might protest, it's probably a good thing that local children will get back into the routine of going to school on Monday. They will get to see friends again, trade storm stories and readjust to a regular fall schedule of classes, football and other extracurricular activities. As local family counselor Dr. Tommy Smith pointed out, it can be therapeutic for children to share their stories after a disaster like this one, and educators will have a big responsibility in the next few weeks as they monitor student's reactions to the storm and drawing out of them what they've observed, felt and learned through this experience.
Both the Brewton School Board and Escambia County Board of Education have had a big job of assessing damage since the storm and planning for repairs. Like everyone else in the area, school administrators have surely had fingers crossed hoping for the power crews to restore electricity before kids miss too many days. Those power crews have come through for the schools (along with hundreds of other residents in the county), and though they may have to maneuver around minor damage for a while, students will be back to the books next week.
We are happy for them to have this step toward normalcy so soon after a disaster and we wish for all of us to keep moving forward.