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Downtown mini-park is coming together nicely

By By LYDIA GRIMES Feature Reporter
Things have been changing in the mini-park downtown with the addition of plants and trees.
Brewton Tree and Beautification Committee members have been working hard to have things ready by the time the fountain arrives, and that should be soon. According to Dr. Bob Hayes, there has been a delay on delivery of the fountain, but the wait will be worth it.
There was some discussion earlier that the fountain would have to wait, but that did not happen as some interested citizen stepped up and donated the funds for it.
That interest has led the park's neighbor, Brewton Iron Works, to offer to furnish decorative wrought iron to be used between the brick pillars, completing the fence that surrounds the area.
Most plants are now in place and the parking lot will be paved soon to furnish parking for approximately 10 to 15 vehicles. Park benches will be placed in the fountain area, and Joe Gordy says it may be possible for individuals to purchase memorial benches. If anyone is interested, they may contact any member of the Tree and Beautification Committee.