New farmers market proposed downtown

Published 4:15 am Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Just imagine being able to shop for artwork and fresh produce in a park while listening to a little bit of live music all summer long. Or maybe you want to buy fresh-cut flowers and buy homegrown herbs all tended to by local folks.
The Brewton City Council is currently considering that type of farmers market downtown. Joe Gordy is leading the effort.
Not wanting to take away from the Brewton Farmer's Market, which opens for business in June, the two approached Mayor Ted Jennings and the council members with the idea of supplying a place where the community can participate.
Gerlach's tentative proposed slogan for the market was "Proud of what you grow, bring it to the show."
City Council members proposed Hart Station as the location for the market. However, one of the first steps to determining a location will be defining a budget.
One of the costlier factors of the budget would be the cost of tents. The dynamic duo were hoping to assemble the market with at least 20 tents and have tenants come in and park for at least $10. The market would run every Saturday from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m., all season through the summer into the fall growing season.
Gerlach said he wants the market to resemble a market he visited in St. Augustine, Fla. The Old City Farmers' Market in St. Augustine features fresh produce, baked goods and plants direct from producers.
The two men would like the market to have live music playing, fresh cut flowers on display, juried artwork, a bakery-possibly featuring local bakers, anything home grown and possibly a feature item of the week.
On the opposite side of the spectrum is the already-popular Brewton Farmers Market. It opens Tuesdays and Fridays beginning in June. It's located directly across the street from "The Tree" between Mildred and Lee Streets.
The Lions Club in Flomaton is setting up a similar market, only they're calling it a yard sale. Members are asking for local farmers to come out with their items for sale, as well as people with arts and crafts looking to make a few bucks.
Club members are also asking the community to become involved, so once a year the Lion's Club would sponsor a type of day in the park with singing, pet shows, car shows, possibly all-day dinner.
The men are currently working out the logistics with Pete Diurno and other Brewton City officials. The Brewton City Council will consider the market once a budget has been drawn up.

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