Letter to the Editor

Published 3:20 pm Sunday, August 21, 2005

By Staff
Springhill residents commended
I would like to commend the residents of Springhill Community for their support in our effort on Saturday, Aug. 13 to clean up the community from debris, leaves, high weeds and tree branches. The clean-up was a complete success and I applaud everyone's effort.
I would like to particularly thank the following people for their support with equipment (mowers, weed eaters, truck and trailer, shovels and rakes), refreshments and hard work: John and Louise Bailey and children, Walter Watts, Minnie English and children, Jeff and Elmira Askew, Clarence Dubose, Ella Davis, Hubert Hartley.
A very special thanks for Marvin Johnson who provided his personal Bush hog when the county did not provide one as promised. We do thank the county commissioner for providing trash bags and dumpster for trash pick-up and removal.
This is only the beginning of cleaning up our community. We continue to deal with drug activities, and outsiders dumping trash and garbage in our community. Our efforts will be a success with God and our community residents working together. Another clean up will take place soon and we invite others who may be willing to help us in this project. Thanks.
Betty Watts
We would like to publicly thank Mr. Jimmy Thomas, owner of Thomas Radiator and Welding, for his gracious generosity in making it possible for us to acquire a state of the art commercial mower for Union Cemetery.
It is a 24/7 job in trying to mow over 27 acres of grass during the summer. This mower will make our workers much more efficient and the cemetery much more beautiful.
From all Brewton residents, Thank you Jimmy.
Bob Hayes, Union Cemetery Chairperson, City Tree and Beautification Board.

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