Pastors: Easter offers gift of new life

Published 5:57 pm Monday, April 17, 2006

That is the message area ministers hope Christians hear today, amid the distractions of colored eggs and chocolate bunnies and Easter dinners.
But those traditional holiday celebrations are appropriate for a day that celebrates the central glorious mystery of the Christian faith, pastors said.
That sense of hope can help Christians reach out to others to share the message, Fitts said.
Those in despair could be people on the gulf coast still suffering the after-effects of tornadoes, or even those in our own churches suffering marital troubles or other problems, Fitts said.
Of course, the Easter traditions many people will experience today are not the only distractions for Christians - and others - recently.
In recent weeks and months, Christians have seen headlines about books and other media that seem to challenge traditional tenets of the faith, from &#8220The Da Vinci Code,” a novel that claims Jesus married Mary Magdalene, to a new non-fiction book that posits Jesus actually survived the crucifixion.
Fitts said the books should not challenge Christians' faith.
In fact, he said, the books are evidence that others are searching for truth.
Cook said the new books and theories may get attention, but Christians simply need to remember the truth they believe.
Of course, Cook said, Christ's rising from the dead was actually quite beyond the daily grind. &#8220That's all the sensational we need,” he said.