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Published 1:00 am Wednesday, June 7, 2006

By Staff
Shelters need trained volunteers
Considering how the past two hurricane seasons have been in Escambia County, odds are we are going to open some storm shelters sometime this season.
And those shelters need qualified, trained volunteers.
Red Cross is planning to conduct a series of training sessions across the state in coming days to help train volunteers for shelter needs.
Just in eastern Escambia County alone, according to local Red Cross director Rogene Martin, 100 trained volunteers are needed for local shelters.
Hurricane Katrina overwhelmed the coast - and the agencies that responded to it - last year.
This year, the state of Alabama has begun working with the Red Cross and emergency management agencies to develop a better preparation and response plan.
While no one can know whether a Katrina will hit again, we do know that we need to be better prepared than we have ever been.
And to do that, our communities need volunteers who can help at shelters that care not only for out-of-town evacuees but also for local residents.
Shelter training dates and places include:

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