Thanks for some good times

Published 2:35 am Wednesday, June 21, 2006

By Staff
If Brewton were to have a motto, I'm sure it would be, &#8220Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.”
Coming to this city solo was terrifying and quite a learning experience.
I will never forget moving to Brewton on a Sunday afternoon. After my mom and dad left, I was stuck in an apartment, too big for me, with minimal furniture.
After situating the room, I decided to make a run to Wal-Mart. As I pulled into the parking lot after 10 p.m., I panicked. Where were all the cars? I got out and walked to the doors, tugged and failed to open them - probably because I had arrived too late.
As I headed back to my car, head hanging in confusion, I called my mother and told her that Wal-Mart, a store that is open nearly 24-hours in Mobile, was closed. My mother's response: Are you sure? It's only after 10.
Man, have I made a mistake, I thought as I headed back to my nearly vacant apartment.
But it was through a friendship with a group of people I realized I had made no mistake.
Shannon, Heath and Steve were the friends I knew I could count on if I was having a rough week, day, even second. They have made this city one of the most memorable places I have lived in so far.
Despite their varying personalities, they all made me feel like Brewton was my home away from home, which I think is something people my age look for when settling into a new community. I don't know where I would be without them.
My first reporting job was in a small town, and the police chief there was not as visible or as approachable as Monte McGougin. I think this city is lucky to have such a great man running a solid department.
For any incoming residents I have a little bit of advice to hand over: Don't be afraid. Don't be intimidated. You will find a group you will fit in with. And if you're having trouble, may I recommend the three people who I hope will remain close to me as I move on from the big city of Brewton to an island where the word &#8220hurricane” is forbidden.
Mary-Allison Lancaster is the Managing editor of The Brewton Standard. She can be reached via e-mail at or by phone at 251-867-4876.