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Published 8:06 pm Sunday, November 19, 2006

By Staff
Annexation right step for Brewton
The Brewton community is growing - but the actual city limits don't reflect that growth.
So Brewton city leaders are taking the right step by seeking to expand our city limits through annexation under a proposal made last week at the city council meeting.
The proposal - which would increase the physical size of the city by a whopping 70 percent - allows Brewton to take a big step toward planning its future.
City council members have allowed a time for public input on the issue at a Nov. 28 public hearing to be held from 2 to 3:30 p.m. at the community center behind city hall.
We encourage everyone to attend to find out how the annexation could affect our community, and to provide their opinion on the idea.
Many of the people who live in the proposed annexation areas already participate in Brewton community activities - going to church and school in the city, shopping at local stores and eating in restaurants. It makes sense that we include these residents in our city boundaries. With annexation, they would also be able to enjoy city services.
In addition to growing the city, annexation provides the opportunity for greater planning in the proposed areas. Planning and zoning can greatly enhance our attractiveness to businesses interested in locating in our community and can improve the quality of life for everyone.
Annexation proposals rarely make everyone happy - and the potential for change can make some people nervous.
But taking advantage of the growth that is already occuring in our area is the most important step our city can take to secure and improve its future.

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