NYC's ‘superman' local native

Published 1:56 am Monday, January 8, 2007

By By Lisa Tindell – news writer
University of Alabama fans have less to ponder since the hiring of Nick Saban this week.
Although Saban ended his season with the Miami Dolphins with only six wins and a disappointing 10-game loss, Alabama fans are optimistic on his leadership abilities.
Winning seasons have not been common in recent years for the Tide, however, with Saban's coaching record on the college level, that may be a faint memory soon.
Whether or not Saban's coaching expertise will follow him from his days of college ball is yet to be seen. The record he compiled while with the Dolphins organization is 15-17 overall for two years.
Ellis said he was sad to see Alabama get rid of Shula since it was his coaching that allowed Auburn to see a five-game winning streak against the Tide.
When discussing the large salary that Saban will receive at his new position, most fans feel he is worth the offer that was made and accepted.
Ellis agreed.
Overall, fans believe the addition of Saban to the University of Alabama is a good move on the part of the athletic department at the school.
Saban was introduced at a Thursday press conference by Mal Moore, athletic director at the University of Alabama as coach with &#8220champion credentials”.
Saban, who addressed the crowd on hand for the conference, expressed his pleasure to be taking on the position at the University of Alabama.
Saban replaces Mike Shula following his dismissal at the end of the regular 2006 football season. Saban was reportedly offered a $32 million contract for eight years to take on the coaching duties at the University of Alabama.

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