Colorful courtyard cleanup

Published 11:37 am Monday, March 26, 2007

By By Lydia Grimes – features writer
Two outside areas of D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital have been transformed into colorful, quiet places of retreat.
Darryl Searcy, a local botanist, has taken on the job of clearing the debris and cleaning up the main courtyard, which had become overgrown and was seldom used.
The area now has bushes and trees that have been trimmed to a controllable height.
There are many new flowers growing in the garden and the sound of water flowing in the fountain makes for a nice place for employees and visitors to enjoy. It has been designated as a smoking area.
The other area was cleared out by Searcy and has become a memorial garden for his family members, which he has agreed to maintain.
It features a birdbath, a sitting area, a fountain and a garden gate with an arch.
Climbing flowers, such as roses, will soon be set out so that they can climb over the arch.
This garden is a little remote, and Searcy said it is used mostly by the nurses, doctors and new mothers, as it is situated next to the maternity wing. It is a non-smoking area.
One particular feature of the garden is a concrete sundial that was commissioned specifically for this place.
It was designed and calibrated by 17-year-old student/artist, Eduardo I. Huerta of Lulling, Texas.
A mold was fashioned, set in plaster and then cast in concrete.
Only six of these sundials were cast before the mold was broken.
The pin is fashioned of ordinary pewter.
One small thing to look for in this garden is the group of six rocks set at the foot of the fountain.
They represent the six children in Searcy's family. Four of them are larger and two of them are small.
Searcy said the two smaller ones are for a set of twins.