Letter to the editor

Published 1:26 pm Monday, April 9, 2007

By Staff
Cancer claimed life of friend, patient
Brewton has lost one of its most respected physicians to the scourge of cancer. Dr. Robert Smith was my friend, my colleague and my patient.
When Marsha and I moved to Brewton in 1980 we came from a big city background, Marsha from Jacksonville and me from Miami. Bob made us feel at home from the very beginning.
During the time we practiced together he provided competent and compassionate care to our common patients. At his retirement nine years ago Bob decided it was time for him to have a doctor and gave me the honor of playing that role. During the past nine years he has submitted himself annually to all the indignities that a regular physical examination entails and without the first complaint. In the last few weeks of his life as he knew the time was getting short he asked only that I try to keep him as comfortable as possible. He assured me that his spiritual house was in order and he was ready to go to a place where there would be no more disease and pain and the services of physicians would not be required anymore.
Bob is only one of several people in our community to face the death sentence of cancer. I hope that many of you will consider making a generous gift to the upcoming Relay for Life or directly to the American Cancer Society in memory of this special person.
Dan Raulerson

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