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Published 4:51 am Wednesday, August 1, 2007

By Staff
Habitat houses built by love
Perhaps Brewton needs a new motto for its city welcome signs: &#8220Miracles happen here.”
We were amazed yet again last weekend as dozens of volunteers worked to build two houses in just three days for the Brewton Area Habitat for Humanity chapter.
Even Habitat Director Alecia Glaize - who expected at most 100 volunteers per day - said she was amazed by the turnout of help on hot summer days.
Beginning around 7 a.m. each day, a symphony of hammers and saws and other tools rose above clouds of sawdust and red Alabama clay. At the end of three days, two houses - complete with walls, siding and roofs and even landscaping - stood on two Brewton streets.
Work will continue on those projects in coming weeks, until two families have houses in which to make their homes.
This year's building blitz was modeled after one in which dozens of out-of-town volunteers participated last year.
But this year's main difference was that the bulk of volunteer work came from local residents - high school football players and their coaches; church members; individuals; neigbors; family members; and skilled professionals who donated their time to help make a better life for two families with children.
That dedication from local volunteers shows who we are as a community, just as the work done by so many other local groups shows that we care about our neighbors as friends and family, not just as fellow residents of a city.
We're so pleased to see that spirit of community continue to shine in our town.

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