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Published 6:55 am Monday, August 20, 2007

By Staff
Storm good reminder of safety needs
While a little rain might provide some relief from the heat we've had lately, we're keeping an eye on Hurricane Dean and hoping it doesn't stray from its projected path across the gulf.
That said, this first major storm of the hurricane season is certainly a reminder that we all need to have our hurricane preparation kits in order - especially since gathering those supplies is not fun when a storm is bearing down on the coast.
Most of us have experienced the wrath of an Ivan or Katrina, but after last year's slow storm season, a refresher course on what to have on hand is in order.
Before a storm hits, make sure you stock up on supplies - nonperishable food, bottled water, medicine, baby supplies and pet food. Check the batteries in your flashlights and radios, and have some cash on hand.
If a storm is on the way, fill up your car with gas, and make arrangements for pets if you decide to evacuate and can't take Fido or Fluffy.
And if you are planning to use a generator, please practice safety and common sense. We have local resources in Alabama Power and Southern Pine Electric Cooperative that can give you good tips on how to avoid injuries while using generators.
While Dean likely won't affect us here in Brewton - although it would be nice if he dropped a little rain - this storm is not going to be the only hurricane this season.
So while it's been easy to be complacent for more than a year, this storm is good preparation practice for all of us.

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