Education grows for Brewton

Published 9:41 am Monday, September 10, 2007

By Staff
Jefferson Davis Community College students may now be able to earn a four-year degree in business management - without ever changing their parking place at the Brewton campus.
JDCC partnered last week with Montgomery-based Huntingdon College to offer a specialized program aimed at helping adult students who already have college credit but not a bachelor's degree. Students take one class, one night a week for five weeks, earning three hours of credit toward their degrees.
This is a unique opportunity for students who cannot leave Brewton because of family or job commitments to continue their education right here at home. While courses over the Internet from other schools are already available, the Huntingdon classes will give students the chance to attend actual classes and interact with their fellow students and teachers.
The new program is also a unique opportunity for the entire Brewton community. We know from economic development experts that industries looking to locate in a new place often want to know about the educational offerings - from kindergarten through college. A city that can offer a four-year degree program, especially one from a respected institution such as Huntingdon, looks good to those prospective industries.
The new business management program is just one more way that Jefferson Davis Community College is serving all of the needs of the community.