Higher cost for cooks?

Published 4:58 pm Wednesday, November 14, 2007

By By Lisa Tindell – news writer
Cooking a turkey is certainly different from driving a car, but the rising cost of gasoline may cause cooks across the area to be a little concerned when turning on the oven for the upcoming holiday cooking marathon.
Propane gas prices have increased as much as 15 cents per gallon since Nov. 1, according to sources at area natural gas retailers. That increase followed another increase just a month ago.
Those who cook with electricity may be able to avoid such a shock this holiday, but future holidays may have a different outcome.
August produced 15 days of extreme heat with temperatures over the 100-degree mark, Harrison said.
Gasoline pumps have also shown a significant increase recently, according to visible increases locally.
According to figures found Tuesday at alabamagasprices.com's Web site, the average cost of regular unleaded gasoline in Alabama was at an average of $3.03 per gallon.
That price was a 2-cent increase from the day before and a 6-cent increase from a week ago. The current state average is a full 40 cents higher per gallon than a month ago and more than 90 cents per gallon higher than a year ago.
National prices are above the average prices of gasoline found in Alabama by more than five cents and as much as eight cents per gallon.
Prices for one gallon of regular unleaded gasoline ranged from $2.96 to $3.03 in the Brewton and East Brewton area as of Tuesday. Prices are predicted to increase even more in coming weeks.
On Monday, Energy Information Administration Administrator Guy Caruso predicted gas prices will rise another 20 cents a gallon by December to catch up with oil, according to Dow Jones Newswires.

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