Heroes starting work

Published 5:28 am Monday, February 25, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell – news editor
It's not every day that citizens in Brewton and East Brewton get a chance to come in contact with a real hero. But beginning Monday, “heroes” will be making an appearance all over the area in a variety of ways.
Diane Hawkins of the American Red Cross is heading up a campaign to be run by members of the community who are being dubbed as “heroes” for their work in raising local funds to help the East Escambia Chapter of the American Red Cross in disaster relief efforts.
The campaign, which will begin with a kickoff event Monday morning, will continue through March 13 with a variety of events planned for the purpose of fund raising.
Emmie Jernigan is serving as the chairwoman for the Red Cross Heroes campaign and will be working with recruiters in widening the list of heroes during the campaign.
All funds raised during the campaign by committed heroes will be used exclusively in the local Red Cross chapter, Hawkins said.
Local Red Cross director Rogene Martin agreed that training and increasing local availability of funds is necessary when disaster strikes our area.
Local chapters are responsible for responding to disaster situations as quickly as possible, Martin said.
Disaster victims aren't the only people who are helped in the wake of a disaster, Hawkins said.
Recently, Brewton and the surrounding areas were hit with high winds and tornado activity, to which Martin said, the local chapter responded.
Anyone interested in becoming a Hero for the fund raising campaign, is asked to contact Emmie Jernigan, recruiter, at 867-3335.

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