Students join Habitat crew

Published 7:03 am Wednesday, March 5, 2008

By By Kerry Whipple Bean

The Brewton Habitat for Humanity house-in-a-week project is at least a day ahead of schedule - thanks not only to local volunteers but to out-of-town guests who have given their time to the build.
A group of 12 students and two chaperones from Widener University in Pennsylvania were joined Tuesday by their school's president, who rolled up his sleeves and borrowed a paintbrush to help the cause.
Widener, a private university near Philadelphia, emphasizes academics and community service.
The students said they were impressed with the community involvement in the Habitat project - and with the Southern hospitality in town.
Fisher and fellow student Danei Apollo said meeting the Woods family - who will be living in the house after it is dedicated Saturday - was overwhelming.
None of the students had any qualms about giving up their spring break for an opportunity to help someone.
Student Matt Peifer said he could always enjoy a spring break vacation.
The Widener students aren't the only young people who have joined the Habitat team this week. Students from W.S. Neal High School have pitched in to help build the house their classmate, Dana Smith, will live in with his family.
Teacher Todd Williamson said the work has been tiring but more than worth the effort.
The wide participation has made Habitat director Alecia Glaize particularly happy this week. Being ahead of schedule is good, but she said the new participants have also made the project a success.
Volunteers are still needed this week. The Habitat house is located on Brandenburg Street in East Brewton. Workers will be hanging cabinets today.

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