Forgotten Trails: Story of large Tippins family continues

Published 12:11 pm Wednesday, April 9, 2008

By Staff
With this column, I am continuing to write about the children and grandchildren of Augustus Tippins.
Jane Lucretia Tippins (23 May 1850-11 Nov. 1901), the daughter of Philip Henry Morgan Tippins, married Joel Webster Bell in 1872. He was the son of Jackson Bell and Rebecca Nowling. He was born 29 March 1843 and died 18 October 1883. I wonder if he died in the yellow fever epidemic that swept through Brewton at that time. Both are buried at Pilgrims Rest Cemetery. Their children were Webster Bell (21 Feb. 1873) who married a Cannon; Elizabeth Ann Bell (30 April 1875-27 Dec. 1941), Florence Bell (1877) who married Jack Parker, Robert E. Bell (1882) who married Ola Lambert, Margaret Eunice Bell (1880) who married Theodore Franklin May (1875-1957), Mattie Bell (1880) who married Lee Bryant, and Joel Webster Bell Jr. (27 March 1884-23 Oct. 1945).
Martha Anne Tippins (7 Oct. 1850-25 Jan. 1925), daughter of James Augustus Tippins II, married William Baggett (22 Feb. 1843-16 Dec. 1920), son of Nicholas Baggett and Elizabeth Emmons. Their children were John Baggett (7 July 1870-25 July 1942), Fannie Elizabeth Baggett (30 Aug. 1872-1 April 1961), William A. Baggett (10 April 1873-7 March 1934), Augustus Baggett (who died 1938), George Baggett (23 July 1877-29 May 1951), Nick Baggett (20 Aug. 1879-14 Aug. 1939), Annice Baggett (10 Dec. 1882-27 July 1972), Thomas Baggett (23 Nov. 1885-24 Feb. 1963), Ely Baggett (15 Nov. 1886-6 Aug. 1974), and Ada Baggett (29 July 1889-8 April 1938).
Octavia Matilda Tippins (30 Sept. 1857-30 Sept. 1911), daughter of James Augustus Tippins II, who married Daniel Webster Godwin (abt. 1855-3 Jan. 1936), son of Elisha Godwin and Amanda Coleman. Their children were Henry M. Godwin (abt. 1876), Martha Matilda Godwin (9 Sept. 1877-1 June 1942), Charlie Godwin (10 July 1880-5 Oct. 1906), Mary Ann Godwin (24 Nov. 1883-1965), John Calvin Godwin (8 Dec. 1893), Daniel Webster Godwin Jr. who died young, Belle Godwin, who died young of typhoid fever, Rebecca Godwin, who died young of typhoid fever, Macie Godwin, who died young of typhoid fever; and Bessie Mae Godwin, who was a nurse in World War I. She died of influenza.
Mary Caroline Tippins (4 May 1866) was the daughter of James Augustus Tippins II. She married Wright Richardson and their children were, Henry Hubbard Richardson (20 May 1889), John Wright Richardson (12 July 1898), Elizabeth Matilda Richardson (7 Oct. 1893), James Ruppas Richardon (10 May 1896), Willi Luke Richardson, Willar Annie Richardson (19 Jan. 1901), Maggie Richardson (1 Feb. 1903), Earnest Richardson (13 May (1905), Ruthie Richardson (3 Oct. 1908) who married a Dewberry, and a son (17 Oct. 1910-died young).
I will move on to a new topic next week. I hope that these past weeks with the Tippins family have helped those who were interested. Anyone who would like another particular family should get in touch with me at or call me at 867-4876.