Check another stadium off the list to see

Published 9:51 pm Wednesday, June 25, 2008

By By Adam Robinson – Sports Editor
Five down, 25 more to go. What? You may be asking to yourself right about now.
Of the current 30 active Major League Baseball stadiums, I have been to five. Counting defunct stadiums now, I have been to three old ones and have seen one of the old ones and two new ones.
This past weekend, I had the pleasure of going to New York City with my father-in-law and brother-in-law to see a Yankees' game.
Our main objective for the trip was to see the old Yankee Stadium before it meets its date with the wrecking ball after this season.
While there, we saw the new stadium being built right next door to the old one and Shea Stadium and their new stadium being built right next door to it.
It was a great experience to see the “House that Ruth Built” and as my brother-in-law joked about the new one, “the House that Derek Jeter (and Alex Rodriguez) built.”
As I have mentioned before, it is a dream of mine and now my wife's also to visit and see a game or tour all of the MLB stadiums.
After now going to Yankee Stadium, of the current stadiums I have seen are the Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays. Old stadiums I have seen are of the Chicago White Sox, old Atlanta Fulton County Stadium and the old Busch Stadium of the St. Louis Cardinals.
And if you count seeing but not attending a game or tour, which I am not counting, I saw Shea Stadium of the Mets.
While I am not a big Yankees fan or should I say not a fan at all, seeing the historic Yankee Stadium was nice.
The stadium has seen many of historical events and can boast of 26 World Series Championships.
In July, the stadium will hold its last all star game.
Looking around and seeing monument park and the retired numbers in left field was cool. While we did not see them up close and personal, seeing it from a distance was nice.
Although, I will say that it ranks up there with seeing the Green Monster at Fenway Park in Boston, I will take Boston over New York.
Well, hopefully we can now go and plan on a trip to see the two new stadiums being built

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