Nonprofits need help even more

Published 1:47 am Monday, July 28, 2008

By Staff
With rising gas prices affecting the cost of nearly everything we purchase, we've all been a little more careful about spending - limiting vacations, trimming unnecessary purchases.
But for some families in the Brewton area, the hardship has forced them to trim even the necessities.
That's when volunteers from area food banks can often step in to help bridge the gap - but as we all suffer from higher costs, food banks see their donations dip.
That's been the case for two such groups in Brewton, the food bank at First United Methodist Church and Carlisa Inc. Both nonprofits have had a greater need to serve people, but they've had fewer resources at the same time.
Now, more than ever, our fellow residents need our help. Many of us are cutting back, but we aren't struggling the way that some families are, and we can probably find a way to keep giving as well as save money at home.
Even if you can't afford a big donation, just a few extra canned goods or other non-perishable items would help both food banks. Can't afford anything material? How about giving your time?
When times are tough, you can almost always count on their being tougher on someone else. We hope that members of our community will step up and continue to try to help each other out.
To make contributions of funds or food items, contact Carlisa, Inc. at 809-2870 or the food pantry at First United Methodist Church at 867-8051.
We're confident that the national economy will improve, but in the meantime, we need to give each other a hand up.