Classes of 1954

Published 1:57 am Wednesday, July 30, 2008

By Staff
Members of the W.S. Neal Class of 1954 met to celebrate their 54th reunion on April 26, 2008 at Bear Lake at Munson.
In 1954, the graduating class was made up of other, smaller schools that came from outlying areas to attend high school. Schools that sent these students to W.S. Neal were either closing or would be in a few years. Some area schools only taught through junior high and then bussed their students to attend high school in a central area. Schools, such as Damascus, Henley Roberts, North Brewton and Wallace all sent students from their schools to complete their education.
Some of these who are listed as having come from Brewton were actually from East Brewton.
The group decided, since it was the class of 1954 it would be fitting to celebrate during 2008 and also make it the 54th anniversary.