Advocate endorses love for animals

Published 7:00 pm Wednesday, December 3, 2008

By Staff
Anyone who has a dog for a pet will truly defend the fact that they can be a part of the family. Dogs are diverse in breeds being composed of distinct forms, personalities and qualities. As I sat among seven dogs that weighed over 200 pounds that I was not known by they were the frightful breed of German Shepard and Rottwieler.
First of all, they did not feel like I had invaded their territory because their owner assured me it would be okay to enter their home to visit these dogs. Before the owners released the dogs into my presence they warned me that these dogs were huge and lovable and have of course, jealousy of each other for love and attention. I sat on the sofa taking a few breaths before I game them the final okay to release these dogs into their own home. I guess you would have stood instead, but I felt that standing makes a dog feel overpowered by a stranger. I began to calm myself with both hands on my knees as they entered the living room of the owners home and to my amazement, they entered quietly in line one at a time and then all at once curious as to the visitor in their owners home.
First came the German Shepard dogs prancing with curosity, respect and love for a stranger they never knew. As the line grew longer than came the Rottwielers. Imagine these huge dogs all trying to get a little attention from me and I had no fear for any reason. These dogs sat, licked, and crowded their huge bodies into me with their love. I had spent at least 30 minutes letting them take turns being petted on the head and caressed by me. There are people who do not like dogs, never want to own a dog, but they are missing so much by not owning one that is giving back what has been given to them and that is love, respect, and patience unconditionally. The human has given dogs of the same breed such reputation as bad, vicious and extra dangerous dogs.
But these dogs have made a great difference as to our response as humane to one another. I speak of the people that we do not know that comes into our lives unknown. The best we can do is to respect and show common curiosity to people we do not know and not just repeat the things we hear others say that are bad about another human being. Some people see dogs as an animal without souls. The question is how must we continue to not show respect and common curiosity to the people we do not know?
If you do not love dogs or care for them, do not mistreat them and scandal them as “bad dogs” because after all, dogs can be a human's best friend. Remember people who have no care for dogs are the people I fear the most and not the dogs. As a statement, “if you mistreat a dog you will carry the instinct to mistreat any human being.” Dogs are love and they will respect you if you respect them too! Each identity of dimension that influences a dog's image can reflect the human value and expectations.
However, tolerance is a personal decision when it comes down to the decision to have a dog or even to approach them. Accepting their presence is a human's strength. Dogs have abilities and class with respect for others when they are respected. Dog owners share a world of love and happiness that their dogs give them. There is no better way to know a dog than to have the life of a dog shared with the life of a human being. There is no love like a dog's love.
Dorothy Washington

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