Heart helpers|Tips can help strengthen marriage

Published 5:11 am Wednesday, February 11, 2009

By Staff
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Alabama Marriage Healthy Community Initiative offers several tips to make emotional connections that keep your relationship strong.
Stick a love note in a lunch box, purse or pocket.
Send funny and/or romantic cards by e-mail.
Learn how to give a great foot massage.
Set your alarm earlier than usual to cuddle.
Smile at each other.
Get silly with each other and laugh out loud together.
Make eye contact when you talk.
Hold hands.
Leave a sweet voice mail message on their phone.
Text a love note.
Send a love e-mail every day.
Leave little love notes in unexpected places.
Send a funny photo on your phone.
Ask about each others’ days.
Listen with 100 percent attention.
Give a one-minute shoulder massage.
Do something unexpected for your spouse.
Snuggle on the couch.
Touch each other with affection.
Say thank you.
Say you’re welcome.
Be interested in what your spouse is doing.
Tell a joke.
Leave a flower.
Offer to help.
Write a poem.
Cook a romantic dinner.
Burn a CD with favorite songs, or love songs.
Bring home great take out for just the two of you.
Say “I love you” in a different way every day.
Slow dance to a love song.
Write a love note on the bathroom mirror.
At night, step outside together and look at the stars.
Sing to each other.
Make a care package with his/her favorite snacks.
Kiss your spouse on the back of the neck.
Flirt with each other.
Watch a sunrise or sunset together.
Local resources
Brewton’s Hope Place offers a variety of classes to help strengthen marriage and families.
Classes include:
Fussell said Hope Place also has free copies of the Alabama Marriage Handbook for distribution.
Call 867-4868 for information about classes or about the handbook.

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