Bust arrests seven

Published 11:26 pm Wednesday, August 12, 2009

By By Lydia Grimes
features reporter

Police last week netted the most arrests in recent memory during a drug bust in the Springhill community, East Brewton Police Chief B.C. Cooper said.
Seven people were arrested with the help of the Brewton Police Drug Task Force, he said.
The East Brewton Police Department, with the help of officers from the Brewton Drug Task Force, obtained a search warrant last Tuesday and went to the community that evening.
They arrested seven people on charges of unlawful possession of crack cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia. They were all transported to the Escambia County Detention Center, and bail for each was set at $5,000. As of Monday, six of the suspects were still incarcerated, while one had been bonded out.
Those arrested were Nathan Morris, 29, of Richmond Avenue, Brewton; John Morris, 24, of Ball Lane, Brewton; Arthur Benjamin, 42, of Ball Lane, Brewton; Tremayne Smith, 31, of Payne Street, Brewton; Ogera Kiser, 52, of Ball Lane, Brewton; Derrick Galloway, 25, of Newburg Court, Brewton; and James Hendrieth, 30, of Mason Street, Brewton.
Cooper said this was the first time police had netted so many arrests at one time in Springhill.
Photographs were not available for James Hendrieth and Ogera Kiser.

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