‘On the map’ is good

Published 9:33 am Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We could all look at a map of Alabama and find Brewton and East Brewton plainly noted along the southern border of the state. But, are we really ‘on the map’ in the eyes of others? Do we want to be?
Lately, things have happend in our little neck of the woods that would certainly put us ‘on the map’ for one reason or another.
Just take a look at today’s lead story: Pair admits to robbery. Yep, that happened in East Brewton. The folks around the state may have heard of East Brewton before last March, but now we’re ‘on the map’ for some new folks because of that incident.
Another thing in the news today could certainly put us ‘on the map’ for others around the country.
Boo Weekley hosted a golf tournament, auction and even a big dinner featuring Larry the Cable Guy here over the weekend and raised thousands of dollars for charity.
Now, for folks who like to ‘git ‘er done’ that certainly puts Brewton ‘on the map’. There were probably people who follow Larry’s little standup comedy show that had no idea where Brewton was until they got ready to buy a ticket to the event. Yep, more people know we’re ‘on the map’ now.
The Alabama Blueberry Festival held just a few weeks back no doubt put us ‘on the map’ for others who love festivals or wanted to pay tribute to the berry. Having great performers like Rusty Golden, Grayson Capps and others come to our area for that event certainly brought along a certain amount of notice from fans and music lovers across the state and region.
We hope that as we go through day after day of what we think is the same old thing, in the back of our minds we remember that somewhere someone is finding Brewton and East Brewton ‘on the map.’
Make sure you do what you can to make it a good thing to see our name in print.

Lisa Tindell is editor of The Brewton Standard. She can be reached by email at lisa.tindell@brewtonstandard.com.

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